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  • Jessop’s is always happy to fill your diamond dreams, for both antique and new gems in our San Diego shop, but here is one for the records books. On April 16, The Princie, a 34.65 ct. fancy intense pink cushion cut, scored $39.3 million ($1.1 million a carat) at Christie’s New York—making it the most expensive jewel ever sold in the auction house’s 200-plus year history.
    The sale price surpasses the previous record of $24.3 million, set in December 2008 by the Wittelsbach.

    The Princie now also holds the record for the most expensive jewel ever sold at auction in the United States, the auction house said. The buyer was kept anonymous.

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  • Antique and vintage engagement rings, antique jewelry from many eras and more are found at Jessop Jewelers in San Diego, near Little Italy. We refinish and appraise the antique engagement rings and antique jewelry we offer. This is very important so you know just what you are getting. With a history spanning over 100 years in fine jewelry we are uniquely qualified to help with your vintage jewelry wishes.

    Can’t tell if the ring being offered elsewhere is genuine vintage or a reproduction? That’s never a worry at Jessop’s. Our decades of expertise in buying, selling and restoring antique and vintage jewelry as well as antique engagement rings gives us an advantage. We can help you understand the differences from one precious ring to the next. These are the little differences that make one vintage treasure just right for the Jessop’s estate collection and just right for you.

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  • Time changes this weekend for the San Diego landmark Jessop’s clock. It changes for all of our watches too. We know it goes Spring Forward and Fall Back – but not everyone knows how to reset the time on a fine watch if it gets done only twice a year.

    If your watch has a screw down crown like a newer Rolex you simply unscrew the crown to release. It may have one to three positions depending on the model. Use the first position to wind, the second to set the calendar if it is a calendar model, the third to set the time. Adjust one hour forward for the spring change. In the fall adjust one hour back to return to standard time. If the screw down crown model has two positions the time is set in the second. You’ll will always know because you’ll see the hands moving when you’re in the correct mode.

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  • Jessop’s has just had the pleasure of meeting & working with USMC Corporal Kionte Storey (retired) at our San Diego shop. Antarctica sure seems a long way from downtown San Diego, but Kionte was there just a few weeks ago on January 18, 2013 doing the improbable: climbing the 16,050 ft Mount Vinson. An epic challenge with frigid, arduous and hostile conditions for anyone to attempt but even more so for Kionte. Why? because he is an amputee. An explosion from an IED while deployed in Afghanistan in 2010 caused the loss of one leg and damage to the other and ultimately brought him to Balboa Navy Hospital here in San Diego.

    The first hurdle of learning to walk with a prosthetic leg seemed a big enough goal. Kionte, however, set his mind to living without self imposed limitations and he dreamed big – aided by his friend and service-dog Koja. With the force of his personal determination and some help from the Wounded Warrior Project, plus the Heroes Project, he has become a competitive athlete and mountaineer of the highest order.

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  • Good news from Jessop’s in downtown San Diego. We now offer financing for new and antique engagement rings, special occasion jewelry, custom designs and anything else your heart desires.

    The American Gem Society Credit Card is an easy and convenient way to pay for your Jessop Jeweler purchases. Enjoy benefits throughout the year, such as:

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  • Jessop’s in downtown San Diego has a Canary yellow diamond that will have you singing its praise. Our gem is a rival to the new fancy yellow diamond that Kelly Clarkson is wearing on her left hand.

    Fancy is the term used for diamonds that fall outside the white range of diamond color. The color must be saturated enough to earn the grade of Fancy. Sometimes a yellow diamond will be called a Canary, but that should only be used for diamonds with a very high degree of yellow color saturation and sometimes a mere hint of greenish-yellow (yep- like the color of a canary). Fancies can come in many colors across the rainbow but certain colors are more rare and valuable than others. Any of these rare beauties should have a lab report from the GIA stating the grade and that the color is natural.

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  • Jessop’s Jewelry Recycling In San Diego

    Posted on: November 5, 2012

    Vintage diamond ring with

    sapphire trim

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  • Jessop’s Knows Sparkle!

    Posted on: October 23, 2012

    San Diego, from nearby Little Italy to far off Fallbrook, relies on Jessop’s for Ideal cut diamonds. And the best of that brilliant bunch earn the AGS Light Performance Document grade of 0. Three Certified Gemologists, graduates of both the GIA and the AGS programs are in the store to help you navigate the fine points of diamond buying.
    The best tool in our tool bag to demonstrate diamond brilliance is the ASET device created by the American gem Society lab. When a diamond is viewed in the ASET the brightest light being produced by the diamond shows up as red, next brightest is green, and contrast shows as blue. Light leaking out shows in the ASET as white, grey or black. Black and white is ok for old movies but not ok in a fine diamond!

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  • Sell gold or sell jewelry and get paid immediately. Trust Jessop’s in downtown San Diego to handle your jewelry selling needs with confidence. We have been doing this for over 100 years. Jim Jessop, fifth generation Jessop in the jewelry business, will work with you directly and discreetly.

    How to go about it? It’s simple: Make an appointment first by calling 619-234-4137. Then bring in your old jewelry to discuss with Jim; he’ll make you an offer and pay you on the spot.

    Diamonds, gemstone jewelry, old watches and gold will all be considered.

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  • Jessop Jeweler was recently voted a top jeweler in town by public opinion poll! After serving San Diego for over 100 years we are happy to keep doing just that – helping you. Located steps from Little Italy and the Gaslamp in downtown San Diego we’ll keep offering Rolex service and Rolex repairs, fine jewelry repair, AGS Certified Ideal Cut diamonds, vintage engagement rings and so much more.

    Jessop’s says “Thank you” for your loyal support over all the years. Let’s keep sparkling together!

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