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Introducing Jessop’s new online shopping feature at

Along with Jessop’s renowned personal service, we have added the convenience of buying online and having your treasure shipped right to your door.

Have questions or need customized service regarding your purchase? We’re just a phone call away!

So, let Jessop’s make your next purchase quick and online today!

Thank you to all who stopped in during Jessop’s first ever inventory clearance sale. It was a wonderful success! It means a lot to again recognize the value and trust placed in Jessop’s. We now look forward to exciting opportunities to create new, crisp designs to revitalize our inventory!

On the trail of the finest colored gemstones

Just back from our big buying adventure where we met with colored gemstone sellers from around the world. The trip was hugely successful. Our skilled buying team of certified gemologists pored over thousands of colored gemstones and brought home many exceptional gems. We also excelled (again!) at negotiating prices, so we’re able to offer you the pick of colored gemstones at exceptional values.

Here are a few examples:

The loveliest pair of tanzanites, 2.70 carats total weight. Picture them in drop-dead gorgeous earrings or flanked by diamonds in a fabulous classic ring, $2,290

Bright and pretty pink sapphire earrings, 1.45 carats, bright pink in a halo of diamonds $4,850.00

Amazing ring - a bright sapphire bordered by half-moon diamonds, 2.28 carats sapphire set in platinum, $12,850

Something wonderfully different! Electric blue zircon, brilliant as a diamond, 5.08 carats, $3,400.00

Plus tanzanite, emeralds, aquamarine and more! Come see for yourself.

Hot off a diamond-buying junket, Jim Jessop returns triumphant

Jim recently returned from meeting with a number of the biggest names in diamond cutting in the United States. We have many superior stones cut to maximize brilliance thus beauty and the prices are well worth a trip to see us right now!

Here are a few to tempt you:
  • Pure and white: 1.01cts ideal light performance and proportion, $6,720.00
  • A good value: 1.50cts, $9,500.00
  • Excellent light show: brilliant 2.01cts, $17,800.00


A gem of an idea for special jewelry

Jessop’s showcases hold infinite possibilities for special occasion gifts. For some, though, an even greater pleasure comes with designing jewelry personally.

Welcome to our Downtown store vault! It’s a treasure trove of loose gemstones – tourmaline and tanzanite, aquamarine and amethyst, emeralds, rubies, sapphires and much more. Just bring your ideas or let our certified gemologist appraisers share theirs. Then our master craftspeople will create your own special jewelry featuring the gems you love best, including:

Sapphire – The best of the blues, which can run the gamut from light to dark, are right in the middle. Medium to medium-dark blue is prime for sapphire, especially when it exhibits a lively spark of brilliance, like our 2.04 carats rectangular cushion-shaped sapphire. The perfect loose stone for a ring or pendant, $4,490.00. Smaller, but just as pretty, is our 1.18 carats oval sapphire, $2,490.00.

Aquamarine – The March birthstone at its prettiest looks like an inspiring blue sky, like our 1.62 carats oval aquamarine. A wonderfully wearable size and a wonderfully priced value, $725.00. Another enchanting aquamarine in our stock is 1.27 carats and already set in an 18-kt white gold ring circled in white diamonds, $3,850.00.

Whatever your favorite stone, we’re sure to have it loose and waiting for the jewelry of your choice.

Our own gem lab, plus trained and experienced gemological appraisers

A separate insurance policy, supported by a thorough appraisal, is required to insure jewelry. In stable economic times, every three years is a reasonable amount of time to update jewelry appraisals so you will be adequately insured for replacement against loss. Whenever there is a rapid flux in the market, like now, more often is prescribed.

Jessop’s is just the place to come to. We’re an American Gem Society-accredited gem lab with trained and experienced American Gem Society-certified gemological appraisers. Appraisals include metal testing, gem identification and grading, and full documentation with images and values. If we’ve appraised your jewelry in the past, we can do a simple update from the records we have on file. Every appraisal – new and updated – includes a thorough cleaning and inspection, which helps keep your jewelry safe, as well as new documents.

Our appraisal fee is $125 an hour and our turnaround time depends on volume. Bring in your jewelry for Jessop’s to clean and check. We’re happy to estimate the total cost of your appraisal when we see your collection.

Please call us at (619) 234-4137 for more details

Gemstone Buying Season

We are pleased to be in the position to add new gemstones and designs into our Jessop’s selection. During the next month we have scheduled buying trips for the purchase of the necessary gemstones.

Watch Jessop’s for many new arrivals.

2015 is going to be a great year at Jessop’s!
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