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At Jessop's, we go out of our way to make sure our customers are completely satisfied with their Jessop's purchases. That's one of the reasons so many customers return to us to celebrate happy times and commemorate special occasions year after year. Jessop's is proud to offer the highest quality of fine jewelry and diamonds in San Diego.

On a trip to Tanzania, Marilyn bought two very special tanzanite gemstones. We came to Jessop’s to have rings designed for these stones and are thrilled with the results! Jessop’s created a custom, handmade ring for Jim and customized a ring mounting we found there for Marilyn. We will cherish these rings and the memories they hold for years to come.
Marilyn Henry and Jim Callahan

If ever you are looking for a unique, high quality vintage engagement ring, Jessop's is a must to check out! The friendly, helpful and professional staff ensured that we walked out with the perfect piece within our budget. You guys were absolutely amazing! We highly recommend this lovely store to anyone looking to find a unique engagement ring!!
Kate Schroeder & Trent Harms

Eleven years ago, while vacationing at the Hotel Del Coronado from our home in Seattle, we took notice of a beautiful platinum sapphire and diamond ring at the George Carter Jessop store. We’ve referenced that ring many times over the years. When Bart decided it was time to make our long-term relationship more formal, it wasn’t until we connected with Jim Jessop that we found someone who was as interested in our story and vision as in selling us a ring. The search for the perfect stones and the reimagining of that eleven-year old memory was aided by an old Jessop business card and the unfailing enthusiasm and knowledge of Jim Jessop and his staff in San Diego. We are thrilled with the outcome and so grateful for the creativity, craftsmanship, and integrity of the entire Jessop organization. Thank you for helping us realize our vision.
Bart Simons & Peggy Smith

Working from my illustrations, Jim has custom-crafted charms for me to give special employees for more than 10 years now. Ours is a true creative collaboration of artist and quality custom jeweler. And the unique art pieces we create show it.
Suzy Spafford, creator of Suzy's Zoo greeting cards

A box from Jessop's means there's something very special inside. Something just right because they know what I like. There couldn't be anything better for the holidays.
Debbie Peters & Steve Bowers


We've been customers of Jessop's since our engagement. We trust them implicitly. They're so honest. They have such a sense of integrity. And it makes no difference whether I get a $8 battery for our daughter's watch or Ed buys a piece of special jewelry - they make us feel that we matter to them.
Liz & Ed McIntyre

I really admire the vintage pieces George Carter Jessop has.
Madeleine Pavel


Customer satisfaction is the No.1 goal at our family-owned business. And it's easy to see the same goes for Jessop's. We're both committed to happy customers. The only difference is that Jim's family has been doing it a few generations longer than ours.
George and Beverly Coles, Coles Carpets

Maridell likes simple, tasteful jewelry she can enjoy all the time - not just on special occasions. Jessop's jewelry store in San Diego makes it easy for me to find her perfect gifts, like the ruby and diamond ring she wears every day.
Mike Roberts (& Maridell Evans)


It's nice to shop with someone who has gotten to know us so well over the 17 years we have been shopping there. I can always go into Jessop's and leave very, very pleased with what I've bought. Mary always enjoys her gifts. And I know that Jessop's quality means her jewelry will stand the test of time.
Gary and Mary Augustine, Harbor Pest Control

We always find something we like at Jessop's jewelry stores in San Diego. But more than that, we keep going back because there's no pressure, no big sales job, just incredible service and people we trust.
Kerri Brouilette


Sally visits Jessop's and tells Jim and the staff which pieces she really likes. They pass that information along to me when I go to the store. It's worked well for us over the past 15 years, especially since Jessop's is so cheerful about doing whatever it takes to make us happy, satisfied customers.
Sally and Mike Bixler

I like to stop by to talk to Jim and see what's new and different in jewelry for Nikki. At Christmas, though, I want something that really sparkles - like she does.
Ben and Nikki Clay


Family businesses, like ours and Jessop's, are committed to building relationships and putting customers' needs first. That special Jessop's services has ketp us coming back for more than 30 years.
Loretta and Bill White, Owners of the Ascot Shop

The first best thing was when Abby said yes. The second best thing was when Jim Jessop clued us in on engagement rings.
Sean and Abby O'Donnell


No one else will ever have a ring like my vintage platinum engagement ring from Jessop's estate collection. It has history and romance and amazing details. It's unique and very special - like everything I've found at Jessop's over the years.
Laura and Rob Lange

Jim Jessop found the perfect diamond and mounted it in a temporary setting.
Steve Danon

After Steve surprised me with the ring, we went back and picked the perfect mounting together.
Patty Kay
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