A Rosy Outlook for Rose Gold

Since the beginning of the 21st century, rose gold has been having a comeback in popularity. As fashion trends have become more colorful and feminine, the interest, desire, and demand for rose gold has risen.

Rose gold (also known as pink or red gold) is made from combining yellow gold with copper. The intensity of the rose color depends on the ratio of yellow gold to copper; less copper in the mix produces a softer shade of rose, while more copper deepens the rose color of the metal.

The origin of rose gold dates back to 19th century Russia. During the Mid-Victorian era, rose gold was considered the color of romance. Then in the late 1920’s, Cartier introduced the ‘trinity band’ consisting of three interlocking gold bands in white, yellow, and rose. This reignited interest in rose gold and introduced the trend that continues today of mixing metals.

Rose, White & Yellow Gold Diamond Band by Simon G Rose, White & Yellow Gold Diamond Band by Simon G

So next time you are looking for that special purchase, consider romantic rose gold. It is very complimentary to all skin tones, appeals to all age groups, and is a way to have something unique and modern, yet with a vintage feel.

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