Are Your Pearls Strung Out? Give ‘Em Some TLC!

Even though you don’t wear your pearl necklace very often, it should be maintained with care. You certainly don’t want to wear your necklace for a special event only to have it fall apart before your eyes, and everybody else. Oh, the embarrassment!

How often should pearls be restrung?

We recommend having your pearls cleaned and restrung every 1 to 3 years, every year if you wear them with frequency. Perfumes, lotions, or body oils can affect both the color and luster of pearls, as well as affect the silk thread used to string your pearls. If you find the silk thread or knots fraying or soiled, or some pearls moving around too easily on the thread, then chances are you’re due to bring them in for a little TLC.

Pearls overdue for restringing
Pearls overdue for restringing
Pearls newly restrung
Pearls newly restrung

Silk thread is the strongest and finest stringing material recommended and perfectly suited for fine pearls. The soft, organic nature of silk will not scratch or damage your pearls delicate surface and gives your necklace a more gentle continuity.

What can be done with an unused strand of pearls?

We have noticed that some of our good clients don’t wear their beautiful pearls because their length preference has changed. When originally purchased, the strand may have been at a 16” length. Now that they prefer to wear an 18” or 20” length, no problem! We can match and add to most strands without difficulty.
Would you like your necklace modernized a bit? Let’s add another strand and make it a stylish double strand or possibly a triple strand necklace. New clasps also give new life to your pearls. Whatever your needs, we’re here to help.

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