ASET Device from AGS + Jessop's Diamonds = An Ideal Match!

April is the month for diamonds. Just ask any woman born in April! Jessop's ideal cut diamonds are the most brilliant diamond any month of the year.  And the ASET Device from AGS is the ideal tool to demonstrate that. Proud to be an AGS affiliate jeweler in San Diego, Jessop's staff take diamonds and ethics seriously. That is why we use the ASET device in the showroom, along with AGS lab reports and GIA reports, to back up the grading of our ideal cut diamonds. But only the AGS grading reports show the detail of the cut and how it directly affects brilliance, fire and scintillation. The ASET device is a tool to show a customer the way a diamond is returning light back to the eye. It also shows the symmetry and the precision of the cut, or lack thereof.

ASET stands for angular spectrum evaluation tool, and that is just what it does! It helps you evaluate what the angles of the diamond's facets are doing to help or hinder brilliant light return. When you look at a diamond in the device you see the diamond in colors of red, green and blue. These colors represent - in order:  red= the most brilliant light a diamond can return, green= brilliant light, but not as intensely brilliant as red, blue= is a contrast color, and shows the symmetry and precision of the cut. White or grey or black areas, if present, show light leaking out of the diamond. This leaked light, or lost light, will never be brilliant or fiery; no matter where or how the diamond is observed. The true ideal cut diamond will show a beautiful pattern of symmetry and brilliant light. It's easy to see the difference between a well cut diamond or a poorly cut diamond with the ASET tool.

The colorful view is an image of a beautifully cut diamond in the ASET device.

In the presentation ASET device we can show either loose or mounted diamonds.

Come in soon to see a diamond in the ASET device and rest assured that Jessop's diamonds are backed up by Jessop's certified gemologist appraisers, and by quality lab reports. We'll treat you to a beautiful eyeful. Choose a Jessop's ideal cut diamond and every day of every month will affirm your own brilliant choice with every glance.

Interested in learning more? Follow this link to the AGS -the American Gem Society and an overivew of the amazing tools available to help jewelers and consumers alike.
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