Best jewelry repairs in San Diego? Jessop's expert workshop is where to go, of course!

Everyone in San Diego knows that Jessop's is the best place for fine jewelry repairs. Rings too tight or sliding off your finger? Worn out prongs jeopardizing your precious gemstones? Did a hard bang knock your diamond loose? Jessop's expert platinum smith does wonders in our repair shop. Having a laser welder means he can work on gems right in the settings, even retipping in platinum. Simple ring sizings can be more securely done with the laser welder. Plus we have decades of experience restoring and repairing antique and new jewelry.

If it has been more than a year since you've had a 'pro' inspect your jewelry then you are overdue. We check closely for all types of potential wear and tear that can make your jewelry unsafe. Worn out prong tips are one of the most common jewelry problems and there are two ways to solve them. Worn prongs look thin or flattened. Missing prong tips can sometimes appear to the untrained eye as still being on the ring. We have had many people come in for a check-up unaware that one or more tips are completely missing!

Notice how thick the tip looks on the stone.

On this old ring you can see how thin and flat the prongs are. Especially the tip on the upper right- almost gone, and the lower middle one is gone. Also an empty space at lower right once held a small stone - now missing.

Prong retipping involves welding new metal onto worn prongs to build them back up. Jessop's laser welder offers a better result for this repair. Sometimes if prongs are too worn a replacement head (the 4 or 6 prong setting) is the best way to go. Our trained specialists can advise you on the approach to take.

If you notice any new snagging on your clothes caused by your ring it is often a sign of a lifted prong, a small crack or even a gouge in the metal creating a 'snaggy' rough spot. We can help with any of these and so much more. Our in-house repairs usually take a week or a bit more. We gladly give time and free cost estimates for you in a two part process:  first our staff specialist does a thorough review, and next our jeweler does a second inspection.

We love bringing worn jewelry back to life and helping you keep your treasured collection in good condition. You deserve all the sparkle your jewelry has to offer. And at Jessop's sparkle is our business.
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