The best Valentine's day heart is a diamond one. From Jessop's of course!

It is said that wearing your 'heart on your sleeve' means you show emotion easily. Imagine the emotion that will flow if one special heart is on your left-hand-ring-finger in the form of a beautiful diamond from Jessop's! That's a pretty special way to declare your love. Jessop's in San Diego has been helping couples share their love for decades. We can happily tell you all about the fancy shapes diamonds like heart shapes, ovals, pears, and our speciality - the ideal cut round diamond.

When looking for a heart shape diamond, all the elements of the shape are important. The diamond cutter has made many critical decisions on how to craft the heart from the shape of the original rough gem. Fuller shoulders here, longer point or a deeper cleft there. Whatever the outside outline of a fancy shaped diamond is - it must be pleasing to the eye. Sparkling and fiery, and with a shape that is graceful. Not squatty or too elongated, but just right. All these faceting elements affect the quality, the brilliance and the price of the gem. The gemologists at Jessop's can help to explain the nuances that make one fancy shape a bit blah and another dazzlingly beautiful.

If you are passionate for someone who is passionate for a heart shaped gem - stop by Jessop's. Then bring home the right choice and you're guaranteed to get a heart beating just for you.

Fancy shaped diamonds are each unique. Our collection varies greatly over time. If we don't have what you are looking for- trust us to be the experts to find it for you!
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