Edith Tsabetsaye – Master Zuni Needlepoint Jeweler

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Jessop’s is proud to offer a classic, handmade Edith Tsabetsaye design ring from our Estate Collection. What makes this piece truly unique and rare is that it is fashioned in 14K yellow gold instead of the customary silver often used in turquoise jewelry. When you see the quality and details, you will know you have a very special piece from this master artisan.

ladydEdith Tsabetsaye is one of the most technically perfect Zuni jewelers of today and famous for innovating, developing, and mastering the style of “needlepoint” jewelry – tiny hand cut and set stones raised up and shaped like little crescent moons. Her work has been sold and collected all over the world by Native American art enthusiasts for its unique and recognizable style.

Born around 1940 in Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico, Edith’s parents taught her jewelry making at the age of 12. At the time, other Zuni jewelers were using bigger turquoise stones in the style of cluster-work or petit point. In the 1960’s, Edith decided to create something different to make her work stand out. She reinvented her tools and changed her grinding technique to create the smallest needlepoint turquoise stones possible, rounded on top to a high dome allowing her jewelry to be spotted from a distance. Edith hand picks her stones using only top-grade turquoise and her technique is incredibly difficult and time consuming.
Edith has won “Best of Show” and over 50 Blue Ribbons for “Best of Needlepoint” at Santa Fe's Indian Market and the Gallup Inter-Tribal Ceremonial, more than any artist in her category in the history of the event. She was also given the title of Precious Living Treasure.

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