Fancy Yellow Diamonds At Jessop’s. This Canary Is Singing Your Tune!

Jessop’s in downtown San Diego has a Canary yellow diamond that will have you singing its praise. Our gem is a rival to the new fancy yellow diamond that Kelly Clarkson is wearing on her left hand.

Fancy is the term used for diamonds that fall outside the white range of diamond color. The color must be saturated enough to earn the grade of Fancy. Sometimes a yellow diamond will be called a Canary, but that should only be used for diamonds with a very high degree of yellow color saturation and sometimes a mere hint of greenish-yellow (yep- like the color of a canary). Fancies can come in many colors across the rainbow but certain colors are more rare and valuable than others. Any of these rare beauties should have a lab report from the GIA stating the grade and that the color is natural.

Fancy Yellow Diamond Simon G Design Ring

Congratulations to Kelly and Brandon now…and we can help you be next!
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