Jessop Jewelers, part of San Diego history

Jessop's has been the trusted source of diamonds and fine jewelry in San Diego since 1892 when Joseph Jessop, great-grandfather of today's owner, Jim Jessop, opened J. Jessop and Sons. Generations of our family have been an integral part of the San Diego community. And five generations of Jessops have followed in each other's footsteps, carrying on a jewelry tradition that is unique in San Diego. We are proud to be known as the best source of fine jewelry and diamonds in San Diego.

Jessop Jewelers has made many changes over the years to better serve their clients. George Carter Jessop, a long time owner of Jessop's, used his full name as the firm name for many years. Now our San Diego jewelry store simply goes by Jessop's. Jessop's also had another fine jewelry store location in the Hotel Del Coronado. For over 32 years Jessop's helped Coronado locals and Hotel Del guests with their fine jewelry needs and special occasions. Through all these changes the philosophy of Jessop's has remained the same. We back our quality, our value, and most of all our integrity, with five generations of trusted jewelers and with an exceptional team of jewelry and diamond experts in our downtown San Diego location.

Jessop's is a member of the American Gem Society, which is dedicated to:

  • The highest standards of ethical conduct
  • Consumer protection through education
  • Continuing gemological education for jewelers

Becoming a member of the American Gem Society is so demanding and difficult that fewer than five percent of the nation's jewelry stores and their staff qualify. Jessop's has a record number of members - five of us have earned the titles of American Gem Society-certified gemologist and American Gem Society-certified gemologist appraiser. To retain our membership, we are required to pass annual exams.

As American Gem Society-certified gemologist appraisers, we have the background and credentials to prepare diamond, gemstone and jewelry appraisals on-site.

Many Jessop's staff members are graduates of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) with skills that can enhance every facet of jewelry service. Our expertise in buying assures you of the best value in gemstones, fine jewelry and diamonds in San Diego. Our experience promises you the best consultants in any San Diego jewelry store.

The Famous Jessop's Street Clock

In 2007, the famous Jessop's street clock turned 100. It was first set in motion in 1907, soon after being awarded a gold medal at the 1907 Sacramento State Fair. In all this time, the Jessop's clock has stood on the sidewalks of San Diego, telling the local time in hours, minutes and seconds, as well as the day of the week and the month of the year

Joseph Jessop, the originator of Jessop's Jewelers, conceived of the idea for the clock based on clocks he has seen on a trip to Europe. The clock took 15 months to build, after which it was installed in front of J. Jessop and Sons. When Jessop's was relocated in 1927 and again in 1984, the clock followed - not without a major challenge in moving a clock of this size.

Even though there is no longer a Jessop's store in Horton Plaza, the clock stands today in downtown San Diego's Horton Plaza. Legally, the clock is owned by the Jessop family, but to the people of San Diego, the Jessop's street clock is a magnificent piece of San Diego history.

Please visit our San Diego jewelry store location to hear more of our history and traditions.

Fascinating Facts About the Jessop's Street Clock

  • It has more than 300 moving parts.
  • The clock contains 17 jewels, including tourmaline, agate, topaz and jade from the Jessop mine on Mount Palomar.
  • The clock has 20 dials - 12 tell the time of the world's principal cities.
  • The clock is wound automatically by an electric motor every eight hours.
  • The clock stands 22 feet high. The clock's movement hangs an additional 12 feet below street level.
  • In 1987, the clock's estimated replacement cost was $2 million.

jessops clock

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