Jessop’s After Summer Clean-Up Tips for Jewelry

Is it time to clean-up a San Diego summer’s worth of sun-block from your jewelry? Jessop’s can help with all jewelry clean-up and repairs. At Jessop’s we are always happy to clean up a less than brilliant gem for you. Simply stop by our store in the Downtown, Little Italy area and ask! Really – it is that easy. We will make a quick inspection and clean up a diamond, ruby or sapphire ring or two while you wait.

Can’t get to Jessop’s right away? No problem- here are some easy fixes to do at home:

  • Mix a solution of mild dish soap with water – use about a teaspoon to a cup of water. Let your diamond jewelry soak for 5 to 10 minutes then gently brush the backside of the diamond with a soft bristle tooth brush. Rinse and shine! (Never do any cleaning over an open sink drain-obvious but important)
  • Use a soft cloth to wipe down pearl jewelry and other delicate gems. Never use harsh detergents to clean delicate gems.
  • Windex or 409 mixed with water (1:1 ratio) can be used to clean gold chains & bracelets. Soak for a few minutes, brush and rinse. (this is not safe for many gemstones so keep this one for just the gold)


It is always best to have Jessop’s check your prongs and clasps for wear and tear. At the same time we’ll give your jewelry a little professional cleaning for that extra sparkle. Summer may be over on the calendar but a quick and free jewel cleaning from Jessop’s should always be on your year round to-do list.
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