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Jessop's knows when your jewelry needs to be repaired. We know just what to look for during our free inspection, and how to fix any problem we find. Plus we do the best jewelry repairs in San Diego, even if we do say so ourselves! And we'd like to help you judge just when to seek us out.

A worn channel setting may not look obvious but it jeopardizes the safety of any gemstones it holds. Gold and platinum jewelry wears over time, and rings get the most wear. After all, hands are always busy working, working-out, gardening and carrying briefcases, purses or luggage. In channel setting the channel wall holds the gems in place. This type of setting can be found on many anniversary rings, wedding bands and engagement ring styles.

you can see the side channel walls on the left look somewhat like a prong & tip

(see the blog on prong wear )

When the walls start to wear down they sometimes look 'smashed', irregular or wavy, or you may notice snagging on clothes. These are signs to bring the ring in for Jessop's repair shop to check over. When the walls wear down thin the stones may come loose, or even worse, fall out. Jessop's laser welder allows us to rebuild channels by adding more precious metal to the tops of the channels. Done right, and when the existing setting's condition allows, it is a near invisible repair. Thanks again to the laser welder and its benefits for fine jewelry repairs.

Jessop's is the place for fine jewelry, for both new designs and antiques. And now you know Jessop's is the place for your jewelry repairs. Jessop's 'Repairs Explained' keeps you in-the-know, and that's right where you want to be.
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