Jessop’s Helps Make The Change To Daylight Saving Time.

Time changes this weekend for the San Diego landmark Jessop’s clock. It changes for all of our watches too. We know it goes Spring Forward and Fall Back – but not everyone knows how to reset the time on a fine watch if it gets done only twice a year.

If your watch has a screw down crown like a newer Rolex you simply unscrew the crown to release. It may have one to three positions depending on the model. Use the first position to wind, the second to set the calendar if it is a calendar model, the third to set the time. Adjust one hour forward for the spring change. In the fall adjust one hour back to return to standard time. If the screw down crown model has two positions the time is set in the second. You’ll will always know because you’ll see the hands moving when you’re in the correct mode.

closed crown on left, open on right

When resetting a watch with a screw down crown it is vitally important to screw it down all the way to the case when setting is complete. Tight enough to make it watertight on a water resistant model, but not so tight to put too much torque on to wear the threads.

Resetting a standard pull out crown is easier, just pull out gently until it stops and then set the time. Be sure to push it all the way back to the case when done.

Does your watch have a calendar that changes at noon instead of midnight? That’s a simple fix – just set the day one day ahead of the actual day and then manually rotate the hands around until you see a change of the calendar. It will change in the am hours so reset the time accordingly.

The easiest way of all is to bring your fine watch to Jessop’s downtown and we’ll reset the time or calendar for you. Plus we’ll show you how to do it in the process. Won’t take a minute to have you right on time!
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