Jessop's Jewelry Repair Workshop - Chain untangling made easy

Jessop's is surely the best place in San Diego to seek for jewelry repairs. Afterall, we do it all from simple chain repairs to complex restorations using our laser welder. But sometimes you can do a fast fix yourself. One of the more aggravating problems, usually discovered just as you are heading out the door, is a tangled chain.

Fine chains are the most likely to tangle, as is any chain stored improperly. This jewelry box is a horrible mess created by careless storage.

Store jewelry in divided storage, each chain clasped, and hanging if possible. Of course your jewelry storage does not look like this! Feel free to stop in to our store- near Little Italy- and we'll be happy to give you plenty of jewelry care and stoage tips.

To untangle the chain put it on a hard, flat surface with good overhead light. Use two opened safety pins, or sewing needles, to tease out the knot. Unclasp the clasp and start in the center of the knot or tangle. Use the pin tip to slowly open up the knot. This allows you to see where you can pull it apart and untangle further. One piece at a time, pull the now free strand out of the tangle. Don't rush or you may create more tangles or even break the chain. If part of your clasp is small, and part is large, try to pull the smallest side through first, this will be a bit easier. Patience is the key.

When you are done be sure to clasp the chain and store it carefully. If any links are kinked, or bent, bring the chain to Jessop's and we'll straighten your chain right up.
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