Jessop's Jewelry Repair Workshop - More Repair Tips

Jewelry repair on your to-do list?  Jessop's is the place in San Diego to restore broken jewelry. Repairs like ring re-shanks, filigree crack repairs, new prongs and rhodium plating are right in our wheelhouse. Jessop's has been artfully repairing and restoring jewelry for over 100 years.

One of the more common repair problems we find is thin ring shanks (the bottom band-like portion of a ring) which have worn nearly out. They appear thin and sometimes a crack will form at the bottom. The repair involves the jeweler's skill and craft to restore the thickness by building a new base for the ring. Jessop's platinum-smith will usually use our laser welder to join the new portion to the old, creating a seamless new base when done. We can re-shank in platinum, and in white or yellow gold, to bring your ring back to full strength. See the images below for a before and after.

shank worn thin


proper thickness in a shank


  • Beautiful filigree is a thing to behold but not when it's cracked. Cracked or damaged filigree is not always easily seen in a ring (That is one reason our staff inspects your jewelry so closely). But cracks do make an unstable piece of jewelry, and they contribute to danger of gemstone loss. Small cracks of any kind can happen for many reasons - mostly wear and tear. They can occur if a ring is bent or tweaked. We see lots of small cracks in vintage jewelry due to age and wear, and in newer jewelry if it was not built with enough 'oomph'. You might notice your ring snags on fabric, or see a small dark line. The images below show cracks in platinum filigree.

small crack lower left

(and, by the way, the bezel setting on the center diamond looks thin too...but that's another blog!)

this crack would definitely snag and jeopardize the nearby diamonds


Again the laser welder is put to good use for this repair. A laser welder enables us to weld with stones kept in the jewelry - stones which would not tolerate the heat of a standard torch and solder process. Using the laser welder makes a stronger join, and without the same use of solder as in standard soldering. You get a better repair all the way around.


You knew Jessop's was the best place in San Diego for fine new and vintage jewelry. Now you know we're the best for repairs too. Minor repairs or major restorations -  Jessop's expertly handles it all.
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