Jessop’s Knows Sparkle!

San Diego, from nearby Little Italy to far off Fallbrook, relies on Jessop’s for Ideal cut diamonds. And the best of that brilliant bunch earn the AGS Light Performance Document grade of 0. Three Certified Gemologists, graduates of both the GIA and the AGS programs are in the store to help you navigate the fine points of diamond buying.
The best tool in our tool bag to demonstrate diamond brilliance is the ASET device created by the American gem Society lab. When a diamond is viewed in the ASET the brightest light being produced by the diamond shows up as red, next brightest is green, and contrast shows as blue. Light leaking out shows in the ASET as white, grey or black. Black and white is ok for old movies but not ok in a fine diamond!

Light Performance Document

For the best view of diamond brilliance come in to Jessop’s and see the light in person. Prepare to say “WOW!”

 AGS ASET Device
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