Jewelry Must Haves – Back to Basics!


It’s a wonderful time of year...graduation season! Many of you may have a daughter who is completing her college education and you’re looking for the right gift idea to commemorate the occasion.

Just as college has provided a foundation to her life and career, there are wonderful jewelry pieces every young woman would love to have starting out as the foundation for her personal and professional expression. Jewelry accessories really give a finished look to any outfit. It is often true that when you look good, you feel good!

Every jewelry collection would benefit by adding these classic, timeless pieces that are versatile and perfect for every day wear or a night on the town.

• Classic diamond stud earrings can be worn for all occasions with many sizes to choose from to fit every budget. Who doesn’t like a little sparkle framing their face?
• Stylish diamond hoop earrings make more of a statement, yet are still appropriate for casual wear.
• Gold hoop earrings come in a variety of sizes from small hoops that hug the ear lobe to large hoops that hang close to the shoulder. The best size depends on her personality and style with the most popular sizes being up to one inch in diameter.
• Pearl stud earrings give a look that is polished and refined and can be worn with everything.

• A pearl necklace, 16” – 18” long, provides added class and dignity to an outfit. For a fun fashion trend, a longer strand may be worn in many imaginative ways or coupled with other various length pendant necklaces.
• A diamond pendant or gemstone pendant in her favorite color would be the perfect touch to her favorite outfit.

• A gold bangle or link bracelet is an everyday jewelry staple worn individually or layered with other bracelet styles for a variety of fashion looks.
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