Kionte Storey, Mt Vinson And Jessop’s Custom Work – Yes, That All Goes Together!

Jessop’s has just had the pleasure of meeting & working with USMC Corporal Kionte Storey (retired) at our San Diego shop. Antarctica sure seems a long way from downtown San Diego, but Kionte was there just a few weeks ago on January 18, 2013 doing the improbable: climbing the 16,050 ft Mount Vinson. An epic challenge with frigid, arduous and hostile conditions for anyone to attempt but even more so for Kionte. Why? because he is an amputee. An explosion from an IED while deployed in Afghanistan in 2010 caused the loss of one leg and damage to the other and ultimately brought him to Balboa Navy Hospital here in San Diego.

The first hurdle of learning to walk with a prosthetic leg seemed a big enough goal. Kionte, however, set his mind to living without self imposed limitations and he dreamed big – aided by his friend and service-dog Koja. With the force of his personal determination and some help from the Wounded Warrior Project, plus the Heroes Project, he has become a competitive athlete and mountaineer of the highest order.

At the summit of Mt. Vinson Kionte took one very small souvenir. A bit of rock, white like the surrounding icy vistas, and jagged like the massive mountain. That is where Jessop’s custom design service comes in. Phyllis designed a simple pendant of hand-rolled gold wire for our in-house craftsman to build. We were able to take his piece of Mt Vinson and make it into a portable memory. A memory of a heroic accomplishment by a remarkable man.

Kionte wearing his new pendantPhyllis with Kionte wearing his new pendant

Custom pendantClose up of a bit of Mt Vinson!

To learn more about Kionte Storey and his very sweet dog-Koja (the calmest dog we have ever had the pleasure of having in the store!) go to:

Mt Vinson view

View to Mt Vinson, Antarctica

Mt vinson kionte

Kionte Storey & group at base camp
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