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  • Jessop’s After Summer Clean-Up Tips for Jewelry

    Is it time to clean-up a San Diego summer’s worth of sun-block from your jewelry? Jessop’s can help with all jewelry clean-up and repairs. At Jessop’s we are always happy to clean up a less than brilliant gem for you. Simply stop by our store in the Downtown, Little Italy area and ask! Really – it is that easy. We will make a quick inspection and clean up a diamond, ruby or sapphire ring or two while you wait.

    Can’t get to Jessop’s right away? No problem- here are some easy fixes to do at home:

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  • Rolex Repairs & Service – A Jessop’s Speciality

    Rolex training and Swiss training make our watchmaker the expert to handle all Rolex repairs. Whether your Rolex needs an adjustment, new crystal, or full service we do it all from our Rolex Authorized repair shop in downtown San Diego.

    Full Service includes:

    • Complete cleaning of every part
    • Refinish and polish of case and bracelet
    • Lubrication
    • Movement timing and regulation
    • New gaskets
    • Water/Pressure testing to insure water resistance
    • Jessop’s Rolex overhaul service comes with a 1 year warranty.


    Rolex watches should be cleaned and serviced every 3 to 5 years. This helps maintain your valuable timepiece in top condition. Keep those dozens of wheels and gears turning smoothly by coming to Jessop’s with your Rolex. Call 619-234-4137 for more information.


  • Jessop’s Laser Welder Repairs Fine Jewelry

    Vintage jewelry can present delicate repair problems. Jessop’s solves them using laser welding technology right in our downtown San Diego workshop. Platinum set with gemstones can be laser welded with the gemstones still in the settings. That’s unheard of in traditional jewelry soldering where the heat of a torch can damage gems. The focus of the laser permits welding precisely where the craftsman wants it and nowhere else.

    Do you have a tricky repair on fine new or vintage jewelry? Give Jessop’s and our laser welder a try. Learn more about repairs or call 619-234-4137.

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