Platinum vs. White Gold

One of the most often asked questions when looking to purchase bridal rings in a white metal color, is whether to go with platinum or white gold. While both are an excellent choice, there are some distinct differences to consider.

Platinum - Precious natural white metal
White Gold - Precious yellow metal, mixed with alloys and a rhodium plated finish to achieve its white appearance


Platinum - Stronger and more durable than gold; however, platinum is softer and scratches easier than gold

When platinum scratches, no platinum is lost, but rather shifts or moves

White Gold - Strong and durable, but less so than platinum

Scratches less than platinum, but if it scratches, some gold is lost


Platinum - 20 times more rare than gold
White Gold - More abundant than platinum


Platinum - More valuble than gold; therefore, the price is higher

Platinum is 90-95% pure

White Gold - Less costly than platinum, which is 90-95% pure

14K gold is 58.5% pure gold
18K gold is 75% pure gold


Platinum - Over time, shifting metal from scratches will give a worn or patina finish to the metal that many like. Platinum may need reinforcing, but white gold will need it sooner. Polishing will restore its brighter white appearance
White Gold - Over time with wear, white gold may need the rhodium plated finish redone to keep its bright white appearance. Thinning metal in the band or prongs may also need reinforcing


Platinum - More dense and heavier than gold


White Gold - Lighter than platinum

White gold is mixed with nickel, which some individuals may not be able to tolerate
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