Spring Cleaning


spring-cleaning-2Don’t forget to put “Jewelry” on your spring cleaning list!

If you’re like most people, you either forget or don’t realize your jewelry needs to be periodically cleaned, inspected, and maintained. Especially on those favorite pieces you treasure and wear.

Thorough cleaning is very important! Not only does it improve the appearance of your jewelry, it also gives us an opportunity to identify any potential problems that might exist.

Rings are often brought to us that have been worn regularly for many years and not cleaned or checked for quite a while. In many cases, it’s not unusual to see a ring partially held together by hardened soaps or lotions. And when we clean the ring, we sometimes find prongs broken off or worn so dangerously thin that had it not been for this buildup, the stone(s) may have fallen out of the setting.

So, give your jewelry the attention they deserve and continue to enjoy them for a lifetime.

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