Summertime shimmer with orange sapphires at Jessop's

We all love the summer sun in San Diego; well... really we love the year round sun! Jessop's has a pendant that captures all this sunny cheer in orange and yellow sapphires. Tipped in brilliant diamonds for more sparkle this sunburst pendant is from a new designer we've found. The colors of sapphires graduate from fiery orange in the center to golden yellows. See it on the Jessop's site for a few more details.

Blue is what most people think of when they think 'sapphire'. However corundum, the name of the mineral which sapphires answer to, also comes in just about every color - and these sapphires are called 'Fancy Sapphire'. Except when they are red. Because red corundum is ruby. Not so confusing if you think of them as the three varieties of corundum: blue sapphire, fancy sapphire-all colors except blue and red, and red ruby. Trace elements cause the different colors of the gemstones which may be lighter or darker in hue, tone and saturation.

Caring for fancy sapphires is the same as for sapphire and ruby. Keep the jewelry free from soil, cosmetics and lotions by cleaning regularly. They are hard stones and suitable for daily wear - as long as you remove them for any heavy work, gym, gardening etc.

Click here to learn a bit more about our sunburst pendant:

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