The Best Rolex Service Is At Jessop’s San Diego


Jessop’s authorized Rolex repair shop in downtown San Diego can take care of any cleaning or service your Rolex might need. A Rolex self-winding watch is a precision machine which requires skilled maintenance to perform at its best. Jessop’s Rolex watchmaker is Swiss trained and certified Rolex trained, plus he has been servicing Rolex for decades. With over 220 working parts in a Rolex, Jessop’s watchmaker is just the craftsman you want to handle your fine timepiece.

Full Service includes:
• Refinish and polish of case and bracelet
• Complete cleaning of the movement
• Lubrication
• Movement timing and regulation
• New gaskets
• Water/Pressure testing to insure water resistance
• Jessop’s Rolex overhaul service comes with a 1 year warranty.

Rolex watches should be cleaned and serviced every 3 to 5 years. This helps maintain your valuable timepiece in top condition. Keep those dozens of wheels and gears turning smoothly by coming to Jessop’s with your Rolex. Call 619-234-4137 for more information.
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