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Carat weight, color, clarity, and cut of a stone (the 4 C’s) will determine the value of a diamond, as well as its appearance. Of the 4 C’s, cut quality is most important. The cut does not refer to the shape of the diamond, (like marquise or emerald), or the facet style, (like step or brilliant cut), but refers to the diamond cutter’s skill at cutting to optimally make the diamond as brilliant as possible. It is the cut that brings an otherwise lifeless raw stone to life; it’s what determines the level of sparkle and brilliance seen emanating from the diamond.

= Ray of Light

2SHALLOW CUT – Light escapes through the bottom before it can be reflected back up through the top.

DEEP CUT – Light escapes through the sides.

EXCELLENT / IDEAL CUT – Light is internally reflected from one facet to another until it shines back up through the top giving off the highest possible brilliance.

An excellent cut diamond is cut to mathematical precision, providing the best possible optics in the arrangement of facets. This allows for light entering the top of the diamond to be directed through the gem and reflecting to achieve maximum brilliance. A diamond may be the carat weight, color, and clarity you desire, but without high marks for cut quality, it will lack the brilliance, the sparkle, you may see in another similar diamond. A diamond cut too shallow or too deep may have a larger diameter and appear to look bigger, but a well-cut diamond of high brilliance will be more beautiful.

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