True Blue Heart With Yellow Diamond Ray. Jessop's Has Unique Valentine's Day Gifts

Know someone who is "true blue"? Jessop's has a great way to tell them you appreciate their loving loyalty - with our beautiful blue sapphire heart pendant. Topped by a fancy yellow diamond and surrounded by a tiny row of diamond sparklers, this is one-of-a-kind jewelry at its best. And it's right up our alley. In our custom shop, in Downtown San Diego, we craft special jewelry for your unique gifts, as well as for our showcases.

The sapphire earned its reputation for steadfastness in love in ancient times. This was due to characteristics of the gem's hardness, and its ability to look lustrous and beautiful over years of wear. In those 'old' days once a sapphire was given to a loved one, it was believed that if the gem was still blue after long separations of the lovers - think crusades and military campaigns- then the lover had been true during that absence.

Reward your loved ones with beautiful sapphires from Jessop's. They'll love you all the more for it.

Call 619-234-4137 for more details on this pendant. Sapphire 1.34 carats, fancy yellow diamond .26 carats, on 16 inch chain.
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