Valentine's Day and Jessop's. A marriage made in heaven.

Hearts and diamonds for your Valentine's day engagement ring? Jessop's knows just how to put that together for you. In our downtown shop we have beautiful loose diamonds, sapphires and other colored gems, and a rare few are heart shaped for extra romance - waiting to become your unique ring.

The symbolism of the heart has figured in romantic lore for centuries. It was believed that the vein which pulsed directly to your heart was the vein seen running from your left hand's third ring finger. Trace that spot from the hand up your arm and you can see why it was believed that the only place for a ring to denote matrimony was on that finger. 

Jessop's has crafted many special rings and pendants from our fine gemstones.  In the world of gem cutting some of the most unusual gems are those faceted into hearts. Our collection is always changing and if we don't have the perfect gem for your very own ring Jessop's can always source it. Jessop's fine gem connections span the globe.
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