Vintage Engagement Ring Searching? Jessop's knows just what to look for!

Old Mine Cuts, Old European Cuts, single cuts and rose cuts. Jessop's in Downtown San Diego (yes, near Little Italy) can help you figure out which facet fits your antique loving style. We have cases full of antique and vintage rings and would love to show you the differences.  The age of the diamond may not always tell the whole story. Sometimes we find older cut stones in modern rings - not too surprising because a diamond may stay in a family and be reset over the years to reflect the styles of the day. We also see vintage rings with newer cut stones in them. This is perhaps a case of someone loving the setting and wanting a different diamond. Sometimes a ring will be taken apart and the diamond remouted leaving the lovely old setting to be fit with a newer cut diamond. So many scenarios and mysteries to try to solve. If only the rings could share their stories.

The cut of a diamond does give a clue to the age of the jewelry. Here are a few brief pointers.

The first brilliant cuts which are the ancestors to our modern Ideal cut diamonds came about the late 1600's to early 1700's. Earlier cuts are the rose cuts and table cuts which we still see today, although those are rare sightings in larger sizes.

The Old Mine Cut refers to the shape and faceting of the diamonds, not to any specific mine. However the 'Old Mine' that the name comes from were those old mines of India and Brazil before the vast South African diamond mines were discovered.

Old European cuts differ from the old mine cut in many details but the most obvious is the round outline. The more recent old European cuts started to be more refined with details such as smaller culets and lower crowns and thus began to look more like the modern round brilliant which evolved around 1920.

You can find wonderful vintage and antique rings in our showcases and get a preview here on the website... just click the link.
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