Warm Up to Citrine

Bring some warmth and vitality to your jewelry collection with the beautiful gemstone, citrine quartz. As one of the designated birthstones for November, citrine is known for its pretty, golden shades ranging from pale, pastel yellow to dark brownish orange. The name citrine comes from the Greek work for ‘citron’, a citrus fruit that is lemon yellow in color and correlates to the yellow color tones popular in this gemstone.

Did you know that amethyst and citrine are part of the quartz family? Natural citrine is mostly pale yellow and rare to find in nature. Because of this, it is common practice for purple amethyst or smoky quartz (that has been graded to be of a lesser color value) to be heat-treated, producing the beautiful, warm color variations of citrine. Known as the “healing quartz”, citrine is thought to bring health, healing, and abundance to the wearer.

What is the most valued color of citrine? Citrine that is an intense yellow to reddish orange color and void of brownish tints is the most desirable. It should also be transparent and free of visible inclusions.

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