Warning Signs Your Fine Jewelry Needs Some TLC, Quick!


Anyone who discovers a treasured jewelry item they were wearing has suddenly disappeared knows that awful, sinking feeling you get and the mad scramble that ensues looking everywhere possible to find it.

Fine jewelry, like a fine automobile, requires periodic maintenance. And just like there are warning signs of car trouble, so are there warning signs of wear and tear with your jewelry. Tell-tale signs indicate you may be in danger of losing a precious stone or losing your jewelry item altogether.

Jim is known for saying in jest, “If you never wear your jewelry, you will never have a problem with it.” But as we all know, jewelry is meant to be worn and enjoyed! So, with care, the knowledge of a few warning signs and a slightly trained eye, preventable losses can be minimized enabling you to enjoy your jewelry for years to come.

Here’s what to look for:

• Damaged prongs & channels - Notice the condition of the prongs or channels holding in the stones. Prongs should be adequately covering the edge of the stone. If they are shorter than others, too thin or bent, the prongs may be in danger of breaking. Channels should also not be too thin and have ample metal holding the stones.
• Loose stone - If you notice a stone has shifted in its position, is no longer level, or jiggles when tapped, the prongs are no longer holding the stone tightly enough.
• Difficult clasps - Any time you are struggling with a clasp, whether it closes too tightly or doesn’t close tightly enough, there is a risk of damage to or loss of the item.
• Damaged earring posts - A Wobbly, broken or bent earring post affects the integrity of the earring back as well as the post itself.
• Stretched out pearl necklace or bracelet strands – Pearl necklaces and bracelets, over time, may begin to stretch out and be in danger of breaking. Re-stringing should be considered if the strand begins to hang lower, is showing visible gaps between the pearls, or you see visible fraying of the threads.

If you notice any damage or wear and tear to your fine jewelry, be sure to get it checked out as soon as possible. The sooner an issue is identified, the easier and less costly it will be to fix.

Jessop’s is always happy to inspect your fine jewelry and sparkle it up with a deep cleaning. It is advisable to have this done at least once a year, particularly for pieces you are wearing on a daily basis. If we identify any problem areas, we will make a recommendation and provide an estimate for the repairs.

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