Yellow Gold – What’s Old Is New Again!

Historically, around the world, yellow gold has always been prized in fashion. Yet during the 1990’s, white gold and platinum began to overtake yellow gold in popularity in the U.S. Today however, as the trend of ‘what’s in vogue shifts again, vintage is ‘in’ and so is yellow gold. It is making a noted comeback, especially in engagement rings.

There are many advantages to yellow gold. It is easier to maintain than white gold, which usually requires periodically re-doing the rhodium finish to maintain its bright, white appearance. Yellow gold is also lower priced than platinum, hypoallergenic, resistant to tarnishing, and very complimentary on most skin tones.

18K yellow gold (75% pure) will appear richer in color than 14K yellow gold (58.5% pure) and wears to a beautiful patina over time, yet both are ideal for fine jewelry. Choice usually comes down to personal preference.

With its rich history, tradition, and association with affluence and royalty, yellow gold will continue to be a classic and timeless choice.
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